About Me

Hola everyone,

I am Priya. This is my book blog – A Bookish Nymph

I live in the garden city of India. I am an ardent bibliophile and full-time blogger. In my real job, I am a finance professional. But, due to my keen interest towards writing, I was drawn to blogging.Which means, I work long hours blogging and there is a lot of stress too. But, as saying goes: No Pain No Gain.

I am passionate about reading books and writing. It allows me to leave my world behind and dive into new world the author creates. I also enjoy watching movies, going on an adventure and reading under a tree. Other than this, you can find me fantasizing about mystical landscapes and fairyland. I am writing this blog to grow as a reader and writer. I am interested in reading fantasy fiction, comedy, thrillers and classics.

If you love books, then you’ll feel right at home here! 🙂 You will find everything bookish here starting from reviews to cover reveals, from short stories to snippets of upcoming releases, etc. I hope you enjoy and share this journey with me. Join in and be a part of this community. Help us to grow bigger by sharing your love and support!

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P.S Feel free to recommend good books to read!